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Childrens Parties

Please read our HEALTH & SAFETY policy and pass onto parents if needed.


It takes 15 minutes to set up paints, glitters, and equipment, bringing a towel to protect your table surface.  



Birthdays | Weddings | Religious Celebrations | School Events | Seasonal Events


A selection of the most popular FacepaintFX designs are brought along to make things easier for children to decide, especially if you have booked other entertainment where time is an issue.


As a guide I can paint up to 20 children in 2 hours.  


If a child is shy or not sure, I can paint little things on their hand/arm to build their confidence and then maybe paint their face later.  This way they can see what I'm doing, and can be able to see it for themselfes for the rest of the day.



Birthdays | Weddings | Christmas | School Events | Halloween


This can be booked as an Independant Service or extra alongside the Face Painting Service.