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For your assurance please read our Health and Safety document

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I will not paint anyone who appears to be suffering from a cold sore, conjuctivitis or any other infectious skin complaint.  Similarly, eczema, open cuts and grazes.  However, a design on the hand or arm is perfectly possible.


All materials used have been designed for professional use, are hypoallergenic and comply with EU standards.  As with any cosmetics, some people may be sensitive to any/all of the ingredients.  I will not be held liable in the event of any reaction.


Face paint is not recommended for children under 2 years old.


If a child is reluctant to have his or her face painted, I will suggest as small design on the hand which may be more enjoyable for them.  They can see what is being done and enjoy it for the rest of the day.


I will not paint signs, symbols or other designs which are in any way racially or religiously offensive.


I reserve the right to refuse to paint anyone who is abusive, violent or intoxicated.


All equipment is cleaned after each job.  Sponges are washed at 90 degrees and brushes are cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol removeing any bacteria.


Depending of skin type, some colours may linger on the skin (mainly turquoise, green & black) a wash with baby shampoo will help.


I will be as careful as possible when painting, however, I accept no responsibility if face paint gets transferred onto surfaces, inflatables, clothing, carpets, vehicle interiors or other soft furnishings.  Clothing that has been in contact with face paint should be COLD soaked overnight in washing powder before washing normally.  


All pets are to be kept away from the facepainting area.


Please do not touch, or allow children to touch or play with the paints and equipment.


                        Thank you!