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Hey there, party planners! If you're on the hunt for that special touch to make your little one's birthday party unforgettable, look no further. Face painting for kids parties is the secret ingredient to add fun and laughter to their celebrations.


How to Book and When

To book the best face painter in London for your little one's party it’s a wise move to get in touch early. Especially during peak seasons like Summertime, Halloween, or Christmas, it's recommended to secure your spot 1-2 months in advance. Weekends around lunchtime are highly sought after, and the top face painters tend to get booked up quickly. Don't worry if you missed the window; there might be last-minute openings or cancellations so it’s always worth checking.

Contacting me directly through my website is easier and cheaper than using other agency platforms. I’ve set up a simple Date Availability form below for your convenience.  Once I receive that, I check my calendar and if I’m free I’ll send you the quote (within the hour) Face painting hire is charged per hour and my London prices are kept as low as possible.  If you’re happy with the quote I’ll email you the confirmation of booking with the invoice & easy payment link.  Here’s the link to check availability. 



In my 13 years of business, I've refined the process to make it hassle-free for everyone. Instead of dealing with deposits, reminders and end-of-party payments, I keep things simple. I ask for the full payment when you book, so it's all settled in advance. No need to worry about tracking you down at the end of the party for payments - we're all good from the get-go. And because trust is a big deal to both of us, I'll send you a quick email as soon as I receive the payment, so we're on the same page.

But I get that life happens. If you need to cancel, it’s no problem. You can choose a refund, or we can reschedule for another date. All the TC’s are on the website for you to check out.

Arriving at your Party

As soon as I arrive the children are hovering beside me with excitement. Their eyes light up as I share my collection of designs on a laminated sheet – and just like that, the magic begins! I've been bringing this kind of joy to children's birthdays since 2010, and they still absolutely love it.

FacepaintFX product set up for childrens parties

All I need to set up is a table and 2 chairs. A medium-sized table is perfect, but if space is tight, a smaller one can work too. The goal is to create a simple setup with all my paints, glitters, gems, brushes & tools within arm's reach.  A well-organised setup ensures efficiency, especially when catering to a large number of children. Speed becomes the key to ensure every child leaves with a beaming smile.

To make things super easy and fun, I've got a smooth system in place. I bring along a handful of popular designs, so they can pick their favourite. I can mix up colours and details to make each design unique. Plus, every face gets a touch of sparkle with gems and glitters – some are eco-friendly!


Legalities and business

On the business side of things, I've got a DBS check just in case you’re in need of it. (DBS is generally not needed for face painters as parents and adults are always present with the children/vulnerable person)  My insurance cover is updated every year to £5 Million, and my accountant handles all the tax side of things.  While I currently don't charge for travel, there might be a tiny change down the road. And my prices are in keeping with London living costs, with a small annual increase in line with inflation.



I absolutely love bringing smiles to kids and adults alike which is why I do what I do. Your party isn't just an event to me – it's a chance to create lasting memories with family and friends and having the best face painter in London goes towards bringing that joy. 

Ready to make your child's party a little bit more special? Hit that button below and let's chat! Can't wait to bring some magic to your celebrations!

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