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Understanding the Risks: 3 reasons Why Face Painting Children Under 2 years old is not recommended.

Face painting is always a fun activity that children really look forward to and generally there are no rules - apart from one. Manufacturers and government guidelines state that children under 2 years old are not to be face painted. While this can be upsetting for little ones, it's there for a reason - for their protection.

May I firstly point out that all the face painting products I use are of the highest standard and safe for children, but the manufacturers recommended advice is that they're not to be used on anyone younger than 2 years. So I'd like to explain why in this blog.


1. Childrens Skin  & Immune system

Childrens skin is still developing and highly sensitive, making it more susceptible to adverse reactions such as contact dermatitis. Additionally, their immune systems are not fully developed, increasing the risk of potential allergic reactions or other complications. So using face paints or glues, gems and glitters are really not advisable – even if it’s ‘just a little something’.  I can provide a list of ingredients in all the professional paints I use.

I’ve seen other face painters paint babies and toddlers before and the first thing the child does is use their hand to wipe the paint off then that hand goes in the mouth or eyes.

2. Fidgety and unpredictable movements

Childrens movements can be unpredictable, making it challenging to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both the child and the artist. Even if the toddler is sitting on the lap with the parent holding the head still, it can still be extremely dangerous when painting with a brush if the child turns suddenly.

3. Insurance policy

Many insurance companies will not cover claims for painting on children under the age of 2 - I am fully insured to £5M but this does not cover me for painting anyone under the age of 2 and as this is my full time business I cannot take that risk.


I’ve painted thousands of childrens faces in my 10 years as a professional London based face painter.   The products I use are all hypo allergenic with antibacterial ingredients.  I also spray my products with a professional antibacterial cleaner immediately after every party as I pack away, which removes any germs that may have spread over the paints and brushes from sneezes and coughs and that gives me extra satisfaction that I’m operating a good hygienic face painting system.  The alcohol content evaporates soon after it’s exposed to air making it perfectly safe for the next party. 

My Final thoughts

Overall, we all want our kids to be safe and have good memories of ‘the time they had their face painted by that lovely lady’, and it’s my responsibility to make sure I’m following the guidelines of the manufacturers. By adhering to established recommendations, we can ensure that the experience of face painting remains enjoyable and risk-free for all participants.  They are usually very happy with watching what's happening in their parents arms - I like to think they're imagining the possibilities of next year...

If you have any questions take a look at the FAQ's first and if your answer is not there, call or email me and I'll be happy to answer personally.

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