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Hello Welcome to my FacepaintFX blog! All about London Face painting parties for children and adults

I'm Terri. I've been face painting since 2010. I started my FacepaintFX business as a continuation from my Makeup Artist business. The two don't really fit well together so I decided to separate them. After my first few London based face painting parties I realised how much fun it brings to an event and I just fell in love with it. I still have the best time working!

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Terri Pace
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I've been meaning to blog for a long time now and the reason for this is to give you a bit more insight from my years of experience into how professional face painting works. So over the next few months I'll try to give you as much information, knowledge, tips and anything more you wish to know, to help you make your decisions when organising your party or event.


My Values and Interests

I am a very well organised person. I like to have all the things ticked and checked before an event to make your party run smoothly. I've been quoted on my speed and friendliness while I'm working which is key to being a good face painter, so I'm happy with that. Also, I try to do my bit for climate change by using public transport and cycling, using bio degradable glitters & wipes.

To relax and keep myself fit I like to run and have taken up half marathons recently, with a goal to do the London Marathon one day (I keep entering the ballot then have a big sigh of relief when I don't get it - lol) On holidays I like to scuba dive when I can, go on long walks exploring nature and eat good food & yes drink a little wine.


My Closing Message for London based face painting parties

So thank you for reading, I aim to write more posts to help you with your party. Meanwhile if you're planning to have a face painting party anywhere in London, take a look through my website to see more and maybe find your questions answered on my FAQ's.

To get in touch email or complete the availability form on the button below.

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